Monday, May 12, 2014


Ralph wanted to be cremated and sprinkled in his favorite places.  I have yet to scatter him anywhere.  He's sitting in the office here in Oregon.  I have a small urn with a bit of him on my headboard in Maui.  And Kate has the same small urn at her apartment.

Now she is wanting a specific place where she can take her boys to have a special moment remembering Poppa. I'm looking into space at a mausoleum.  It's not as expensive as I was thinking it would be (although I have no idea what I base THAT on) ... and the sales guy thought I might want a bit of me in there next to him. I probably will.  

Of course he started with his top-of-the-line glass fronted chamber with a wonderful bronze urn ... unless I wanted to have a whole separate building constructed just for his blood line.  I think he will be happy in a building facing Mt. Hood with just an engraved marble stone.  (We had our wedding rings made ... wide gold bands with Mt. Hood, two pine trees, two birds and I had a small diamond for the sunrise.)

The closer to eye level, the higher the price.  Facing outside costs more than this internal view.  Who knows about these things until you have to make a decision for your loved one??

Tonight I had (a healthy) dinner with Stan and Laurie, friends from before we were married.  She started working on her genealogy and learned that it is easier to trace ancestors when they are buried!  Even in a building at the cemetery rather than underground.  So there's another reason to give him a permanent spot.

I know his heart would rather be in Maui so I may have a memorial in each of his favorite places to live.  Although maybe I should just put some ashes in an Oban single malt scotch bottle and put him off his favorite beach in Maui.

Like Dr. Seuss said "Oh, the places he'll go!"

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  1. Don wanted a headstone in a cemetery for genealogy purposes and didn't care where his ashes were. I see the wisdom in being registered somewhere because I've done a lot of genealogy work. But the thought of him being in just that cold ground didn't appeal to me, so I spread half of his ashes in five places, half are buried. I have not been one bit sorry I did it that way. He got his stone (with my name on it too) but he's also free and part of some of his favorite places on earth where I don't mind visiting.