Saturday, May 10, 2014


To all of you who are Moms, I hope you get a special remembrance today.  For those of my friends who do not, I hope you remember your Mom.

My Mom died in 2007 ... while I was away in China.  We all got together just a few weeks before to celebrate her 80th birthday.  She knew she was dying and I asked her if she would like me to return or even not go, but of course she declined.  I was a pretty devoted daughter, emailing and calling several times a week.  Which is more important than attending a funeral after the fact.

Tomorrow I have been invited to Jesse's family's potluck celebration at his Aunt's house.  I am delighted to attend for a couple of hours!  It's nice to start being included in his family traditions and I appreciate being included as the un-mother-in-law (he and Kate are not married, after ten years!).

I bought Kate a few things from her boys.  She brought me flowers and a caricature of Braeden, sketched at the Saturday Market today.  Jesse gave me some locally made lotion.

Braeden is spending the night and that's the best gift of all.


  1. My mother's name was Doris, too! I haven't run into many others with that name.

    I'm glad you're going somewhere today. Have a nice Mother's Day!

    I don't get kids who have babies and don't get married....and it is SO common! Don and I were a couple for many years before we got married but we didn't have kids. So I do understand that people can feel committed without the paperwork. We did have our legal P's and Q's taken care of with wills and powers of attorney. I didn't think having that marriage license mattered, either, until I had one. LOL

  2. My mother's name is Doris too! What a coincidence! No wonder I derive comfort from reading your two blogs. We are all daughters of Doris.

  3. OK. That is crazy! We must all be sisters!!! Our lives are getting more and more woven together! Maybe we should plan a rendezvous!

  4. My mother's name is Doris, too! Okay, that's a lie. I just wanted to be part of the group. But my sister's name is Doris... Doris Jean. She goes by Jean. I'm glad you got to keep Mr. Braeden overnight. I'm sure that's always a treat.

  5. Culdesac chronicles! You are part of our club mom's name is Doris Jeaneen..... and she goes by Jeaneen just like your sister! Fun coincidences!