Sunday, May 4, 2014


Oh.  My.  Goodness.

Yesterday afternoon I got my hearing aids.  I am amazed at how much I was missing.  I could hear the rain.  I could hear the microwave beep.  I could hear my phone set to vibrate ... from across the room.  I could understand the TV.  What an experience.

Even more exciting because of how hi tech they are!  I have a remote control (well, now it is an app on my phone!) to switch to different hearing programs ... lessen the background noise so I can focus on the people at my table in a restaurant (tested last night), TV mode to help distinguish consonant sounds (you can make a vowel sound louder with your voice ... but not "th" for example) as well as regular and what the audiologist called "the spouse button" where you can turn the aids off!

I spent the whole rest of the day marveling at the smallest things.  When my friends came over to have a glass of wine before going out for dinner .... I could hear them pull in.  I could join in the conversation in the car even from the back seat! I understood all of the daily specials from the soft spoken waitress.  

But since I like my coffee before talkie ... I will still enjoy my s-l-o-w morning routine before putting them in.  

Maybe the reason some people have a hard time adjusting is that they waited too long to get help.  It is a lot of processing when you can hear the dog's toenails on the hard flooring or someone turning a page in a magazine.  Right now I'm enjoying every little creak and groan and being able to hear the dryer beep when the clothes are finished.

It's crazy!  No one seems to be whispering any more


  1. I can feel your excitement. I've lost some hearing and so has my husband. I've heard that the adjustment is easier if you don't wait too long. This was encouraging. I would turn it down when the dogs next door bark. ;)

  2. You can turn it OFF, or turn them down. With one push of a button. It was a definite big expense ... but I consider it a great investment. Total enjoyment of life!

  3. I had the same experience when I first got mine and I was told that the reason some people have trouble adjusting to hearing aids is that they do wait too long and can't get used to all the noises that they didn't realize they weren't hearing before. The first time I peed while wearing mine, I thought I'd left the faucet running! LOL

  4. Well...It's about time, lol! I am so happy that you found some that work so well for you! Love to you my dear friend!

    1. What? Huh? I must walk around a bit like Helen Keller when it all clicked. I never realized how many different kinds of bird chirps there are! I can hear people at the store coming up behind me. Can't wait to go to my WW meeting today to be able to HEAR all the comments! Love you too, GF Baker!