Sunday, March 30, 2014


It's Sunday morning here in Oregon, with a sunny break in the rainy weather.  After 30 years of living here, this time I invested in a raincoat!  Mid calf with a hood.  Helping little people in and out of the grandmothermobile subjected me to a damp rear end.  I had to nip that in the bud!

Baby Deacon is growing so fast.  He now can stay happily alert for two hours!  Grandmotherhood this time around is so much easier!  Kate is so much more confident (and patient) and is cherishing each minute.  I usually have to ASK to hold the baby!  She appreciates me entertaining Braeden so she can nap whenever Deacon naps.  (I still remember the sleep deprivation).

For the past three weeks, the little family unit shared the king bed and I had the queen, while Braeden had an air bed on the floor next to me.  This morning the new split mattresses for the king bed arrived.  Braeden and I are taking over the king bed!!  It's now separately adjustable, head and foot.  With automatic settings for reading and zero gravity!!  Anyway, I need to sleep on the mattress for a week or two to be sure they are keepers.  (devious way to get my space back?)

I try to get up an hour before Mr. B, but this morning the mattresses arrived before 8am.  B is laying on the couch watching Despicable Me (he's SOOO excited to watch TV during the day!) so I can enjoy my coffee.

And then we will make pancakes!

(My attempt at Mr. Potato Head ... his favorite toy!)


  1. You might want to make sure you read your mattress warranty. Mine on the new twin set would be void if I didn't buy their companies mattress pad that keeps off stains. Since it has a 15 year warranty, you'd better believe I bought their pads.

    Cute pancake plate!

    1. Yeh, I was sucked into buying the mattress pad as well. All three mattresses. It's a good thing. But when I tried to register them, I only saved the one cardboard (the queen) and they want the UPC for each! Grrrr. Now to register the crock pot and new iron ...

  2. We are on vacation for the first time since he passed and his absence has been slapping me in the face more than on a normal work day. I have been looking for signs that he is "with us" somehow. This morning while the boys were sleeping in at the hotel I opened and read your blog. Potato heads! My man was from Idaho and he was called Mr. Potato Head by his students. Dozens of potato heads decorated as Great Americans were in his classroom and we just held a silent auction of them to raise money for senior scholarships. Your cute Mr. Potato Head pancakes were a silly smile from him to me that he is still "with us". I know....I know....dumb connection but it worked for me and I know you that's just that!!

    1. Oh gosh. But I have to say I love "dumb" connections. They usually happen for a reason. Let's stick together to see what that might be?

      Are you mostly having a good time? I hope so despite the moments of grief. I'm thankful I have a houseful to keep my mind occupied.

      Next week will be 11 months ... can't believe how fast and how slow the time has gone.

  3. Time IS very strange after significant loss isn't it? I am at 9 months and all three of my pregnancies were a piece of cake compared to these past nine months!

  4. Do you blog? Share the address?

    Oh wow. Three children? Totally unfair. My first nine months were extreme ... I finally got antidepressant and some talk therapy which has helped me to NOT be such a basket case. Feels like "normal" grieving rather than the crying, mad, don't go out of the house (or bed) feeling.

    Thankfully, someone decided to send me guests at each holiday which helped me through that phase. Do you have family and friends near?

  5. Yes, and they have all been amazing. I don't blog but I journal in an old fashioned diary. Reading blogs have been vety helpful to me, as well as counseling, but walking and yoga have probably been the most helpful of all.