Saturday, March 8, 2014


Being in charge of a three year old while the parents and new baby are at the hospital is certainly different than my slow days in Maui.  All for the better, I might say!  

I try to get up an hour before he does so I can enjoy my coffee and computer because as soon as he is awake, he is constant motion and constant conversation.  What amazing thinkers these little people are.  Braeden is very good at expressing his emotions, which was important to his Mom.  (She always kept hers inside until she would burst).  And he cracks me up sometimes!

I so sad Gramma.  Because you won't give me a cookie right now.  You don't understand me.  I no want chicken today.  No nap today the sun is out. (See it's easier for napping in the grey northwest!)  

We have a battle of wills at least once a day.  One night it was said chicken (he ate three bites)  Yesterday morning it was scrambled eggs.  At first he explained he was very sick in his tummy and his Mom should take him to the doctor.  But he then fessed up that eggs did not taste good today and his tummy was full (which it was!)

Best of all, I now stop and notice the small things in life.  A pinecone (soon turned into a grenade).  Red berries on the bush for the birdies ... he picked some and put them in a little pile on top of a rock.  A small fallen twig that is easily turned into a "shooter."  He only shoots bad guys on their feet.  Let's go for a walk Gramma, the sun is out today.  

Fortunately, I can easily get him to run an errand every day by letting him play with toddler games on my iPhone

I'm thinking the family will be released today.  And then the real work will begin!

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  1. Glad the little guy is keeping you so busy. You'll be ready for a vacation back to Maui in a couple of weeks. LOL