Sunday, March 16, 2014


This first year of widowhood is all about adjusting.  To the new, single life.  Finding friends at the same stage of life.  Looking for a hobby or a passion.

The past two weeks have gone by in a whirl!  The baby had to be at the doctor's office almost every day (jaundice) and on Friday was pronounced to be gaining weight and no need to come in until Monday.  On Tuesday he will be circumcised.  Poor dude!

I just did a crazy thing to help with adjusting.  I invested in an adjustable king size bed!  It's two extra long twin beds so each side can do their own thing.  Now when I have a grandkid over to spend the night, he can sleep and I can sit up and read.  Or write.  Or watch a movie.


  1. What a cool idea!

    Glad the baby is doing better.

  2. What a super idea and gift to yourself as well as your new buddies in bed! Looks super comfortable : -)