Thursday, March 27, 2014


My philosophy has always been it's the journey, not the destination.  This is so true lately.  

When I change MY mindset about any irritating things, life lifts a weight off my shoulders.  I am enjoying have this busy house full of life!  It is constantly busy and noisy and I am exhausted, but I am happier and sleep so much better because of it. 

Nurturing is my middle name.  The c-section nursing Mom is doing very, very well.  Braeden is totally all boy (everything and anything becomes a weapon or a bad guy) and Deacon is a little sweet potato.  He's finally gaining weight and looks like he will be a nice chunky baby.  Even Jesse is pitching in to keep this tiny nest serene.

I love cooking and nest building (although the dog is getting tired of me moving his giant bed)  It's all looking pretty civilized despite having all the baby paraphernalia!  We live with a chair or lamp "here" for a few days, and then I decide "there" might be better. 

I'm thinking, just as I get used to this ... they will all move back home.


  1. What a special way for a grandmother to bond to a newborn. I'll bet your son and daughter-in-law are very grateful for all your help.

    Hope they aren't moving too far away when they all go back home.

    I love what you said about changing your mindset. That is so hard and simple to do at the same time. And the pay off is great.

  2. I echo what Jean wrote about changing one's mindset. It's good to stay in the moment and out of the future. So hard!

    Your children will miss you, too, when they leave, especially your wonderful nurturing. Who doesn't love that!?!

  3. Only this morning, we were talking about little boys turning things into guns. My grandson is always winning the battle with the bad guy and reminding me that he's very strong. I think it's part of how they work things out... how they would be brave and handle things if they ever had to.

    What a nice situation for all of you. New babies are so sweet. Enjoy!

  4. They are VERY appreciative. The first week or two I made nursing Mom some easy to eat late night snacks. Now I buy sliced cheese, crackers, grapes, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots and since Deacon is sleeping 3 hours at a time, she can get her own. But she told me she misses that!!!