Sunday, March 23, 2014


There is a lot of purging going on at the condo.

The first round was pretty easy, emotionally, as his clothes and shoes were already boxed up from when our young friends moved out our things and moved in theirs.  I gave Kate a sweatshirt or two and had Jesse take things to Goodwill.  Someone is going to have some great suits and shoes!

Now I'm getting the surprise tears of memories.  Unpacking a kitchen box, I came across our coddled egg dishes and spoons.  Before him, I never knew what a coddled egg was let alone ate it with a tiny spoon and toast cut into small rectangles.  He also loved soft boiled eggs eaten right out of the shell.  Every week or two, after Kate was out of the nest, we'd have eggs and salad and good bread for dinner.  And usually bacon.  For someone with such low cholesterol, he had more fatty meats than anyone I know!  Not fair.

Another box labeled "bathroom" held his many bottles of vitamins and supplements.  He had ALWAYS been a believer of helping Mother Nature care for his body.  At times I think our budget for these items was bigger than most people's car payments.

I finally had to stop unpacking when I was sorting through the boxes of computer, printer, TV, etc cords and wiring.  There were several indoor/outdoor thermometers.  These were an obsession for him.  I still have one in the kitchen (although the outside transmitter needs batteries as it is always flashing 45 degrees)  

It's true.  It's the little things that grab my heart.


  1. Oh, my gosh, unpacking boxes like you're going would be so much harder than clearing out cabinets and closets...not knowing what you're going to find inside.

    I would not have known what an egg cuddler dish is. I'm glad you posted a photo of your memory maker.

  2. It's a soft boiled egg with an extra dish to wash! But it did seem pretty special to eat it out of a pretty little cup (buggers to clean!). I learned so much from him!