Saturday, March 1, 2014

MARCH 2014 ... Really???

Where did January and February go?  Maybe because I was living in and loving Maui instead of being snowed and iced in, the time just flew.

I made it back to Portland, Oregon Thursday evening and yesterday, it was SUNNY and 60 degrees!  I needed a day like that for restocking the cupboards, getting my oh-so-pregnant daughter and family over here to the one level condo.  But we sure have our work cut out for us!!

My darling tenants moved in all my stuff from storage (for a few sheckles).  The furniture is all in the correct rooms along with boxes and boxes of stuff!  The dining area is clear and serene now.  The living room furniture is arranged so that the four of us can sit (oh, and Bosko the 65 lb. dog has his bed in here).  I even remembered how to use three remotes so we can watch Netflix (haven't figured out the TV channel stuff yet).

Kate is most likely having a C-section next Wednesday so I'm thinking they should just move in a week's worth of clothing and shoes and toiletries and I'll take it from there.  Lucky Mom and Dad (and new darling) get the master suite with the king bed.  I have a queen air bed and now we need to get Braeden something to set up in my room.  And a bassinet or co-sleeper for the new guy.

My goal is to pamper the Momma, play with Braeden and unpack a few boxes each day.  Just keeping up with the feeding schedule of a Mom who only has tummy room for 2 oz at a time and a growing boy!  

As long as I can have my quiet time with a mug of coffee before the chaos begins, I'm a happy Gramma!

P.S.  Rainy and 45 today!


  1. Oh, my gosh! I hope some of those 60 temps come to Michigan. I'm sitting here freezing. When it's in the teens you can't get the house warm.

    Have fun with the new baby and Braeden in the house!

  2. Welcome back! Wow, What a transition. Some old, some new. I wonder what it will be like for you unpacking items from your 'old' life.
    Heartwarming, I hope.

    Here's to your new life (coffee cups clinking), with a new outlet for your love. Best wishes for you, your son-in-law, your daughter and their little guy about to be.

    About the sun and warmth you brought with you - do share with us folks east of you!

  3. Wow. Utterly ecstatically exhausted! Last night went to Babies R Us for a few necessities and a lot of "help make it easy on Gramma" kinds of things. Like a kneeling pad for helping with bath time. A step stool so Braeden can be self sufficient in the bathroom. Some beautiful nursing shirts to make the new Mom feel loverly (at 70% off!). I'm going to bed at 9pm tonight!!!!