Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Mr. Ralph loved sunsets.  He loved lots of things about nature ... the changing colors of leaves, a tiny tree sprouting in a rock, the clouds.  But I believe sunsets were his favorite.  Mine too.

Maui offers lots of beautiful sunsets and every day they are different.  From different beaches the sunsets have special character, depending on which direction we face.  We would usually remember to head towards a beach just in the nick of time.  Sometimes we would plan ahead with a picnic and chairs.  Sometimes we never got out of the car.

Last night I met up with Leslie and her hubby (and my beautiful canine friend, Mercedes).  She (who is employed) packed everything for a gourmet picnic with a perfect pinot noir.  What a spread!  Home made gluten free bread (still warm).  Brie, salami, pate, home made tapenade, special recipe goat cheese with pecans, dried cranberries and pepper, gluten free pretzels.  Topped with dark chocolate dried cherry and almond clusters.  A perfect dinner.

The photo doesn't do it justice.  It was magnificent with a huge glowing orange sun at the very end.  Mr. Ralph loved it.

I think he would have loved sunrise just as much ... but we rarely got up that early!


  1. What time does your sun set this time of the year? Sunsets are not a big deal for me because we can't see much of them over the tree line. But when we used go to the beach, they were always breath taking.

  2. Currently, it's about 6:20 pm for sunset. It seems like just last week it was 5:45!! And I love watching how it moves .... got to admire nature!

  3. The picnic spread and friends sound as good as the sunset! And you are no doubt a delightful guest for them, too. Tell me, do you sense many people doing the sympathy invitations for you any more? It's both wonderful and surprising to cross this bridge and live in post sympathy land..

    1. I really only had sympathy invites for the first month or two. Fortunately, I'm not tooooo shy to extend an invitation. It may have been a different experience (more pity parties?) had I been in Oregon where my family and friends are.

      Hmmmm .... maybe folks in Oregon will play catch up??? I'm in!

  4. I've never had a sympathy invitation that I know of. Well, I take that back I have good couple-friend that has invited me out on the anniversary of Don's passing both years. It's their way of dealing with their own loss of him as well as my loss, though. I'm fortunate my family and friends treat me the same invitation wise as before.