Sunday, February 23, 2014


My 14 month sabbatical in Maui is drawing to a close.  There is so much to love and enjoy here, I'm glad I decided to strive to keep the house here.  Snowbird living for a while longer.  I'll be scheming how to be frugal about keeping both places.  I'm even contemplating a roommate in Oregon and Maui.  Stay tuned on that thought process.

Marty and Peter are departing for the other side of the island.  What a fabulous five days we have had!  Perfect house guests!  Every morning when I stumbled out of bed at 7:30 ... the coffee was ready.  We had my nice slow mornings (although they would go for a run or jog while I checked my electronic world.)  Breakfast each morning was my favorite ... papaya and lots of fresh fruits, with a yogurt on the side.  It is SO much more fun to prepare for two or more.  (Peter was a cereal and banana kind of guy).

Every evening we went to a different beach to watch the sunset.  I'm pretty sure they thought I was crazy but seemed happy with my choices.  Secret Beach was where Marty's office assistant got married and wouldn't you know?  TWO ceremonies happened while we were there.  At sunset.  Memorable!!!??

We had a driving day but most days were catching some rays on different beaches.  I'm not a sun worshipper so I could drop them off, run an errand or have an appointment, then pick them up.  Every night we had an awesome (and mostly healthy) meal at home.  Peter did the grilling.  On the day of our whale watch (best ever in 20+ years of going on one), we did Crockpot Thai chicken and coconut rice so we didn't have to worry our little heads.

Although I have lots to do before departing Thursday morning, I hope to catch a sunset every evening!


  1. I don't know how you can leave a place that has so much to offer. But I do understand the pull of family. I hope you can work it out to continue being a snowbird.

  2. If I can make it work (financially) the next few years, then Medicare and SS will help me out a LOT. I'm willing to continue being frugal to reach my goals.....

  3. Marty and Peter sound like ideal house guests, leaving nothing but a smile and warm memories. I am sad you have to wrap your life on Maui up. I'll be listening no matter where you are. I like your idea of adding a roommate to help expenses. I'd sign up myself, and bring my espresso coffeemaker !

    BTW. It sounds like you are putting every sunset you can into the bank, so you can unwrap them when you get to Portland. I am so into horizon gazing :-)

    1. They were such fun! I think we should have a widow blogger mini conference here on Maui!! It would be fun to meet you guys in person. And share my little piece of paradise. Also, Portland in the summer is pretty awesome as well! Hmmm ... maybe twice a year!! The blogger who does Time Goes By lives in the condo complex in Portland!! SMALL world!