Saturday, February 8, 2014


Curiosity led me to watch Sister Wives, a TV series about a family who chooses to have one husband and four wives.  And a mass of children!  Now I'm thinking of starting a religion where one wife can have four (or more) husbands.

Think of it!  One husband could be the handyman.  Need a shelf put up?  Done!  How about when the sprinkler system needs a fix?  Bingo.  Hmmm ... maybe remodel the kitchen?  Oh the possibilities.

Well, my Number Two choice would be a chef.   Healthy, flavorful mostly vegetarian.  Fresh ingredients from all over the world.  Hopefully a garden for seasonal items and home grown herbs.   I could throw a dinner party or appetizers for my bridge club (soon! I am learning).  Anything dipped in single source dark chocolate.  I'm liking this idea ...

Wouldn't it be fun to have a driver?  No more stressing out trying to find parking at that new little chi chi shop on the north side.  Someone to keep the car clean and mechanically up to date.  The doors opened each and every time (like Mr. Ralph did.)  A responsible designated driver?  So now I can have that second glass of wine at dinner!

Last and most important ... a personal trainer.  I admit it, I definitely need help in this department.  Someone who pushes me (just a little), encourages me (with the proper training and knowledge ... maybe a physical therapist as well) and inspires me with fun and interesting ways to raise my heart rate and build some muscles.  Who is also a yoga leader!

Of course they would also be my sex slaves.


  1. With that laundry list, you'd have to have a lot of husband's. LOL It reminds me of a single woman neighbor we used to have. She was a true gold digger and would always pull the helpless sex slave thing with boyfriends who did a lot of upgrades to her house. As soon as the work was done, she'd manage to ditch the guy and find another man who fit into her 'to do' list.

    1. The laundry list is even LONGER! Housekeeping, bed turn down, cruise companion ...

      That neighbor sounds like a true USER. I know of gold diggers who want clothes, jewelry, trips ... but remodels? That's a new one!!!!

  2. One of the funniest things she conned a guy into doing was to build a retainer wall out of broken cement from her driveway. Half way through the project the guy caught on that he was being used and he quit. Took her a while to find another guy to finish it, but she did.

    1. Man! I need to take a few lessons! Not sure I could talk someone inside on a snowy cold day with a fire roaring and home made chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven!