Sunday, February 16, 2014


One of the things I hate the most ... car shopping.  The last car we bought (for our daughter when she was in high school) I bought online!  We drove 45 minutes to pick it up and sign the paperwork.  No "let's go to my office" and "I need to review this with my boss" scenario.  This was definitely Mr. Ralph's area of expertise.

When we decided to stay in Maui for his remaining years (which turned out to be three months), we sold our Portland car to a neighbor.  No sense paying insurance on a car we don't use AND paying someone to come drive it every week or so to recharge the battery.  

Now that I am going to live both places ... here comes car shopping (no, my neighbor cannot sell me back my car ...)  Being the practical Taurus that I am, I'm getting a minivan!  I loved loved loved having my Dodge Caravan.  It drove like a car but could pack stuff like a truck.  I got to be the designated pre-teen driver as I could haul six girls to the mall or the movies or the prom.

What awesome improvements have been made in 15 years!  Sliding doors on both sides with automatic open and close.  Same with the rear hatch.  Seating that folds into the floor.  I'm so excited.  Backup camera with measured guidelines and beeps if I'm too close to something, front OR back.  Honda even comes with a built in vacuum!

I can comfortably drive daughter, her hubby, two grandkids and one big dog.  Or six lady friends for a trip to wine county!

Best of all?  A great guy friend who is going with me to handle the sales guys


  1. Looks like a great little car for you! I may go the mini van route the next time.

    I'm lucky I found a great car dealership and salesperson to deal with the last two times I bought. They do all my service work, too, which helps cut the stress in two areas of my life.

    1. Just so practical and I hope this is the last car I have to buy ... Honda's are built to last many many miles. I hope I get a great salesperson as well.

  2. I have had 2 Dodge Caravans and loved them. My current van has 256,000 miles on it. I really wanted to baby it for a few more months, but without my husband to help with the repair decisions (am I being ripped off, or do I really need that repair), I am looking at getting a new vehicle.

    My son's father in law works at a Ford/Toyota dealership so of course there is pressure to go that route.

    I am going to watch your blog carefully over the next few weeks to see in which direction you go.

    1. My last minivan was also a Dodge Caravan. I LOVED IT! I compared Dodge, Honda and Toyota. Whomever can get me the most for the least amount of $$$$, I'm sold! This time I'm choosing a COLOR instead of grey or silver or beige ....