Sunday, February 2, 2014

FEBRUARY 2, 2014

Wow!  This day is filled with amazing events.

First, it's my brother's birthday ... oh my, 58!  I'm sure he doesn't read this blog as he is holding some sort of grudge and is not speaking to me.  Going on five years now, I think. But Happy Birthday, Jim!   Thankfully, I have four other siblings who speak to me (on occasion.)  

Ground Hog Day.  And he saw his shadow, so six more weeks of winter.  This is not boding well with me as I'll be heading back to Portland where they are almost in drought mode.  I bet I bring the rain ....

Super Bowl Sunday!  I don't really watch (or care about) football but I do like the commercials.  Carrie and Jim invited me over to their luxurious back yard to watch with a crowd but we are getting rained upon today so I'm not sure about going.  The turkey meatballs are simmering in the crockpot though, just in case.

Nine months ago today, Mr. Ralph died in his sleep.  It seems like just last month yet on some days it seems like years ago.  We always hosted a Super Bowl party since it was so close to his birthday.  

This year we celebrate his birth and his death. And Jim's birthday.  And Ground Hog Day.  As well as Super Bowl.  

Go Seattle!


  1. Nice photo. You can tell he was a good-natured person.

    For several year, I thought my brother was holding some sort of grudge but it turned out his wife was going into early Alzheimer's and he was desperately trying to keep it a secret and he pulling away from everyone. I know how it feels to wonder what you could have possibly done or said to cause a rift.

    Hope you had a good super bowl night.

    1. And it's only 2:30 pm here!!! I can't imagine watching these events on East Coast time. I just like the commercials anyway. Guess what? Jim actually responded to my birthday email to him!! I need to make more of an effort. Nothing more important than family and friends!