Wednesday, February 5, 2014



I just learned that my Maui Kaiser health plan does NOT offer care in Oregon.  Just for 90 days.  Since I will be living in Oregon at least six months a year, I had to go shopping for a plan that is mostly Oregon (annual and preventative stuff) yet also covers sickness or emergencies in Maui.

It was a learning experience.  Every company offers at least THREE plans with at least three sub-plans under those.  

     Silver Be Prepared.  
     Silver Be Fit.  
     Silver Be Smart.  
     Silver Be Aligned.  
     Silver Rose City.  
     Silver Standard.  

After spending hours online, and on the phone (really Kaiser?  I can't get this plan in Oregon?), I had to resort to an insurance broker. 

My monthly payment was high previously ($530) ... because I was on three medications and had been to counseling IN THE PAST FIVE YEARS.  There were 20+ pages of questions to answer. Have I ever had cancer.  Have I ever had diabetes.  Have I ever had a hangnail.  I was rejected three times.  I finally had to get a letter from my Doctor AND the counselor explaining how normal and low maintenance I was.  

So I was really shocked, now that we have "affordable" health care, to discover a plan similar to my current plan would be $680+.  Imagine my surprise also that now EVERY plan has a deductible.  Good grief am I looking forward to turning 65 and getting on Medicare.

This really isn't affordable.  But at least the application was three pages max, mostly their words, and I only had to supply my name, address, Social Security Number and signature.  

P.S.  I signed up for a cheaper option, high deductible, with in network services in both locations.  $480.


  1. I'm so glad I don't have to get involved in that insurance hunt thing! Glad you found something.

    1. I don't know how old(er) people sort it all out. My brain was tired!

  2. That is why I am still working, we can't afford the affordable care! That is just insane that your plan you had would not cover you in Oregon.

    1. Honest. I though we were all part of the United States ... totally not united in the health care department. Or the driver license department.

  3. Replies
    1. I hope I don't have to get a job ... then I'd have to pick one spot to live for the next three years .... hmmm ....