Monday, February 3, 2014


Oh!  So many fun apps to choose from!  I'm going to choose one of the older ones I still use almost daily.

Grocery IQ.  It's still a FREE app also.  (Free is always a good price.)

It's a grocery list app.  Since I always have my phone near, it is super easy to add an item as I think of it.  The app keeps your list, then when you are shopping you just tic off an item.  You can keep lists by grocery store (like if you almost always buy toilet paper from Costco) and it will store your "favorite" items so you can simply look through things you buy frequently to help jog your memory.

Grocery IQ organizes your items as well ... produce, dairy, spices, etc.  If you choose an item that it has not categorized, you can choose which department YOUR store uses.  SOOO handy when I don't want to wander up and down every aisle.  In fact, I think you can even put aisle numbers, according to your store, by each item.

Another feature I used to use when Mr. Ralph was still working ... you can email your list to someone!  Honey will you stop by the store on your way home and get .....

Give it a try!  And tell me one of YOUR favorite apps!!


  1. Oh, wow! To be able to email a list to the store and have your order ready for pick up is super high tech, yet so retro of the days when we could call our corner store and they'd do the same.

    My grocery store has their own app plus WiFi in their stores. My favorite feather is the ability to see on a store map exactly where they keep what you are looking for. I'll have to check out your app.

    1. Grocery IQ lets me email (or message) the list to a person ... although I've never tried the personal shopper idea! I bet they have an email address too!

      As usual, I use the bare minimum of features. It may even be able to clean, chop and put away!