Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Velveteen Principle #5

Velveteen Principle #5 : Real is Courageous
      acknowledge your fears and move forward, even if you’re still afraid

For my widow friends, we already are working at moving forward even though we are afraid.  It's a whole different world without our sidekicks.  The first year I was intimidated by everything ... even things that would have been a breeze the year before.  I was afraid I couldn't do it alone.  That I would make bad financial decisions (some may say that I really am!!! Keeping this Maui house ....).  Maybe I would become a hermit because I couldn't even think about Mr. Ralph without crying.

My widow neighbor friend has helped me out a lot.  Nancy has been a widow for 8 years, is ten years older than me and still has those days.  She has invested her time into changing herself ... physically and mentally.  She is a breast cancer survivor.  Actually a breast cancer thrivor!  She joined a medical weight loss program and lost over 100 lbs.  She continues to be strict with her eating and exercising.  She has learned how to understand her finances (he did everything!) and to be firm with her four sons who continually hound her for money.

Real IS courageous.  I'm still working the program ...


  1. Why is it that people/family always seem to hit the widows up for money? Good for your neighbor for taking charge of her life and spilling her wisdom over on you.

  2. Good to have a mentor! Glad she's not enabling the brats and taking care of her needs.

  3. I've seen this happen with a friend. It's hard to watch. Good for your friend for knowing how to say no. It isn't easy with your kids.