Friday, March 13, 2015


My three short weeks in Oregon were so much fun.

Momma and the boys were sick until about midweek after I landed on a Thursday.  Fortunately, neither Jesse nor I ever caught it.

The weather was absolutely beautiful and it warms my heart how the whole family gets outdoor exercise no matter the weather.  Bike riding is number one right now.

We got Braeden signed up for Taekwondo and he loves it.  He needs to meet some guy friends since he's not yet in preschool.

Now I'll let some pictures speak a thousand words ...

Thomas the Tank Engine theme for Deacon's first birthday

And the "smash" cake ... chocolate for better photography!

I'm Number One!  With Grandma Laura and her Mom, Grandma Totchi ... and me!

His first "level" as Little Tiger at Taekwondo ... red tape means he passed certain athletic tests ... push ups and sit ups.  SO PROUD!

And finally tapping into his artistic self.


  1. I'm confused. It the whole family in Maui with you or are you back on the mainland?

    1. Okay, I re-read the title and think I've figured it out. You'll telling us what happened with the family when you were back Oregon before coming to the sunshine state.

    2. Yep! You get it! The memories are with me ... and I am in the sunshine! Looking forward to spending more time here with frequent snuggle visits.

  2. Karate was one of the best things for my then 5 year old grandson. Now 13, he is still in it and many levels of different colored tape on his black belt. It teaches confidence!

    1. Confidence! And it is amazing how quickly he is getting it. Sometimes parents are in a hurry so rather than let him "do it myself" they step in and do it. I hope he continues as long as your grandson!!

  3. Happy birthday, Deacon! So cute.