Saturday, March 28, 2015


Thursday was the first outing of Adventures R Us.

My neighbor and new found friend, Julie, is also a widow and new to living in Maui.  She and her hubby vacationed here and did live here for a few years about 15 years ago.

We seem to enjoy the same kinds of things so we get together about once a week.  After talking, we both love exploring new things and places yet don't always want to drive alone.  So we teamed up!  

She got to pick the first trip and she also did the driving.  We had so much fun!  She drove up the crater to the town of Kula.  First stop was a photo op of the famous jacaranda tree in bloom!  Then we visited the well known garden shop at True Value.  (She has just finished indoor remodeling, and now is looking forward to setting up the outdoors!)  We looked at plants and fountains and furniture and got a million ideas.

We went over to the Morihara General Store hoping for cool local items but mostly it is a small mom and pop grocery for the locals.  Lunch was at Kula Bistro and it was fabulous!  Too much food for lunch but mine was salad with grilled monchong on top.  The desserts were inviting but I wanted to wait and have coffee and a treat later in our day.

Julie had taken her dog to obedience training and knew of a little glass blower.  It was stunning even though totally out of my price range.  Such beauty to behold.  And their view captured both sides of the island.  Further down the road about ten miles, we drove past Oprah's house.  She certainly has a gorgeous peaceful location in the middle of nowhere.

Maui has one winery that sits on the most scenic grounds.  We did some tasting, some browsing and a bit of buying.  

We ended our day at Grandma's Coffee Shop for cheesecake and coffee.  It is just a little hole in the wall that has been open for generations. All homemade breakfast, lunch and desserts.  Recently they began to offer gourmet dinners.  they have such a nice reputation all the Food Network people always made a stop!  Lots of photos of famous people.

We chatted the entire 45 minute drive home.  A great beginning to our new "club".

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  1. What a great day trip! You are so lucky to be living in such a wonder place and to have found a gal pal to hang out with on occasions! I used to kid that I wanted to be Oprah's neighbor and you sort of can say that. I'm jealous. LOL