Saturday, March 21, 2015


Yesterday was a pretty amazing day....universally speaking.  A total solar eclipse, a supermoon, and the vernal equinox.  Spring has sprung.  My blog can not do any of these events justice  ... 

I do love how Mother Nature keeps astounding me with amazing events.  Now I have time to learn a bit about them and often take time to watch when I am able.  When Maui has clear skies, it is awesome to be outside and simply look up.  We get to see planets as well as stars.  With my free app Night Star, I can be directed toward satellites as well.  There's even an app that will identify the planes!

Friday was just a day to enjoy my surroundings.

A gardenia from my front yard ...

Ground cover at my Maui house

This photo doesn't show it well at all ... this is a pale lilac rose in a neighbor's yard

A bouquet from Costco

In memory of Mr. Ralph ... I will always have a red geranium


  1. What a beautiful photo of red geraniums!

    Here in Michigan some of us got to see the Northern Lights from Alaska this week. Mother Nature sure does know how to put on a show.

    1. I like that I have time (and interest) to pay attention to these events. Some of them are once in a life time shows!

  2. I was out the other day checking my gardens to see what tiny green plants are coming up. I was out at midnight, checking to see the moon and Northern Lights--and stars seemed particularly bright and close.

    1. Sometimes gives me chills! The universe reminds me of how small I really am ... in the scheme of things! There is a higher power!