Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Whew!  Just landed an hour ago from the bumpiest flight ever.  Strong headwinds so we were an hour late as well.  He flew high every time it got bumpy but the last hour we went through some pretty rough winds.  Smooth landing and my friend DDA was there to haul me home.

It's pouring rain.  Just so you know my life is not always perfect!!

My new neighbor brought in the mail and checked on the place.  And left me bread, cheese and a bottle of Prosecco!  And we've only been friends for a month!  She knows me.

My friends who stayed for a week after I fly to Portland cleaned, organized and even did my laundry!  As well as yardwork and wasp nest removal (and patching holes where bees were getting in ... we removed a hose bib).

It's amazing how exhausted you can get from just sitting for six hours.  But I am.  Tomorrow I will fill you in on the last week in Portland with all my babies.  When I landed there was a video of Braeden and Deacon asking for a Facetime call.  

I melted.  And called them.


  1. No wonder you are exhausted. The bumpy ride alone must have been stressful. Glad you got welcomed home in style. Sounds like you've got some great people in both places to look after your places.

  2. What a world traveler!! I don't do flying very well, so flying bumpilly over a wide and deep ocean would have sent me into terrors!!