Sunday, March 15, 2015


Mr. Ralph was famous for loving "useless bits of information."

In fact, several friends would often give him books with exactly that title ... or similar.  And he loved learning how some popular phrases came to be.  Which made him great fun at a large group where we didn't know very many people.  It's so easy to talk about nothing!!

Surprisingly enough, quite a few of our common sayings are from William himself.  Shakespeare!

And there are so many more.  He had several books explaining the origin of some famous sayings, but I can't think of the names.  One of his favorite authors is Bill Bryson and if you haven't read (or listened to) any of his, you might give them a try.  Such a sense of humor all the while you actually learn something!

I kinda miss his opening line ... didja know ....


  1. I have a half dozen books like that. They so much but that's one book I don't have and now you have me lusting after it. LOL

    1. We will have to share some!! We would always listen to a Bill Bryson book on a road trip. Sometimes we would have to pull off the road as we were laughing so hard we would cry!

  2. I enjoy useless information, too. Why is that? But it's fun.

  3. My brain is full of that sort of thing. It helps when playing Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit. No knowledge is useless.