Thursday, March 19, 2015


Velveteen Principle #3 : Real is Emotional
understanding, acknowledging, and expressing how we feel

This is one I need to work on.  Growing up in my family was not at all like the sitcom, Parenthood.  I just love how they can discuss really difficult topics with each other.  And agree to disagree.  I kinda wish we had some of those writers when I was growing up.  Mostly we/I simply buried things under the rug if they were difficult to discuss.

I cry at the drop of a hat.  It releases the wonderful endorphin leucine-enkaphalin and prolactin, the hormone that affects mood and stress tolerance. And lowers cortisol another chemical  related to stress.  The opposite is true too.  Suppressing tears increases stress levels, and contributes to diseases aggravated by stress, such as high blood pressure, heart problems, and peptic ulcers.

First, I have to understand the emotion.  Often it is not what it seems to be.  While working with Kate during those awful late teen years, I discovered that sometimes I was ANGRY but really I was simply afraid.  It was hard to admit that so I used anger or sadness instead.  I'm still learning.  It takes emotional awareness, self-confidence, even courage to be emotionally honest.  Another one of my journeys.


  1. We all learn how to cover up our emotions at an early age, don't we.

  2. How interesting that business about crying is. I didn't know that, but we do feel better after a good cry.

    My husband is more like you with his emotions. My family let it all out. Not always good either. Anger is always a secondary emotion that hides the primary emotion. I've learned that if I address the primary emotion, I don't get angry. But that took awhile.