Tuesday, March 17, 2015


That darned rabbit.  The Velveteen Rabbit.

How smart was this author to give us such incredible principles by which to live.  I remember when Mr. Ralph hit an age where he felt he was "invisible" to most people.  Just another old man.  No longer productive or even interesting.  I, of course, disagreed.  Because getting older has helped me become bolder.

By the time we hit 60, we start to become "real".  The stunning beauty, physical appeal, and super senses begin to fade (from love!) and the slow demise of joints and skin make us more real.  And once you ARE real, you cannot be ugly ... except to people who don't understand.

This seems to explain my total lack of interest in having a man in my life.  IF we had started out young and nubile and full of hormones at the beginning of our journey ... we wouldn't mind the trip downhill together.  But I'm of the opinion now that no one would want the person who now has facial hair popping out all over.  Or barnacles and ketoses and skin tags and basal cell carcinomas all over what used to be soft, silky skin.  I feel like I could be a Braille book on aging.  

And there is a book called the Principles of the Velveteen Rabbit ... I think we should go through them, one by one!!

Velveteen Principle #1: Real is Possible
    a)  Close relationships make us feel more Real – we are social beings
    b)  Work that matters makes us feel more Real – it’s not all about money
    c)  Creativity and growth make us feel Real – seen through how you express yourself
    d)  Teaching, nurturing, and caring for others makes us feel Real – taking the focus off of self, and placing it on others


  1. Ah yes. I must post this picture on Face Book.

  2. You have the eyes to see, dear Awkward Widow. Real is possible.