Monday, November 9, 2015


The overwhelming feelings come out of nowhere.  I do enjoy the happy memories and funny parts of our lives together.  Maybe the sadness just means we were pretty meshed together.

Or maybe it's the grey, cold weather here in Portland.  Who knows!  Plus all three boys have a stomach bug with the littlest guy being hit the hardest.  Dr. said he can have one TEASPOON of Pedialyte every 15 minutes.  When he can keep four doses down, he gets one ounce!  As long as he has a wet diaper every EIGHT hours, no need to bring him in.  UGH.  Kate has been up since 3am and has to go to work (for just four hours ... they found someone to cover the first part of her shift).

Have I ever told the story of how Mr. Ralph and I met?  He tried to hire my husband!!!  They both worked at the same company, at different levels, and Mr. Ralph was terminated after 25 years.  He and a friend decided to start a business and called my spouse (software dude) to get him interested.  He wasn't at the time, but this was when the first Apple home computer came out ... and this new start up had one!  I was interested!!!

I called the next day to volunteer secretarial services.  They said, no, no ... we have a secretarial service ... please have Mr. X call us.  When they received their first invoice from the service, Mr. Ralph called back to see if I was serious and we worked out a stock option payment.

What fun I had learning how to use that old computer!  After typing one line of information (they were writing their business plan for venture capitalists), you had to insert a dot command.  Like carriage return or punctuation.  The machine had one floppy disk drive and I had to insert either the program or the saving file.  We sure don't know how lucky we are these days! (my current computer does not have a DVD drive at all!)

During my tenure with the startup, evenings after I worked and half day on Saturdays, I finally filed for divorce.  A year or two later, Mr. Ralph decided he wanted to get his divorce and asked for the name of the attorney I used.

And the rest is history!


  1. It doesn't take but a fleeting memory or song on the radio to trigger sadness if you're tired or stressed for other reasons. The kids all being sick would have been enough to do it for you.

    Computers sure have come along way, haven't they.

  2. I remember those first computers when they came where I worked. I had a heck of a time learning to type without reaching for that carriage return.

  3. I love how-we-met stories. How fortunate we are to meet the right person. My husband worked on the early computers, too. We're so lucky now.