Monday, November 23, 2015


Well poop.

My buddy just cancelled our turkey dinner at her house ... not worth that much work for just three of us.  We may try to find a reservation at a restaurant somewhere, but for the prices I've seen, I could have the whole meal catered for us!  I think she just doesn't like cooking or entertaining.  To be honest, she wanted to go out in the first place!  Stay tuned.

I'm going out for groceries today because I really do prefer the old traditionals for my Thanksgiving Dinner.  I hope I can find a small turkey breast but I'll take a whole small turkey if I must.  (I love making broth with those tasty bones) My favorite things are stuffing and roasted vegetables.  And gravy!  Lots of gravy.  Pumpkin pie would be nice but not a whole pie to have sitting around tempting me.

Maybe I should volunteer to host the meal over here?  Or maybe we should just postpone until we round up a few others.  Lordy, lordy the challenges in my life!

I think I have time to fly to Louisville to sit with my sister and 20 family members and friends!  She is having a world celebration featuring a heritage turkey!  Also a regular huge breasted beast just in case.  Their two kidults each bringing a friend or two.  Homemade pies and homemade ice cream.  The other guests are different nationalities and she has asked them to bring a very ethnic side dish.  I can't wait to hear about it.

Then again ... someone must make a turkey TV dinner ....


  1. Maybe you can get your meat market to cut the small turkey in half and save part for Christmas.

    Sorry your friend bailed on you. Doesn't sound like she was really on board in the first place. It is what it is and whatever you do you'll have a good time. But I'm with you about going out on a holiday. It costs a lot, you don't get leftovers and the service is usually short-staffed.

    1. I especially agree on the leftovers! last year my condo neighbors had me over for shepherd's pie ... with everything inside it except the pumpkin pie! MMMMMMMM it was tasty!

  2. And I should KNOW she doesn't entertain .... she has just four of everything!!

  3. I can sympathize with your non-entertaining friend. I don't think you realize how stressful that is for people like me or her who don't enjoy doing it. You thrive on it.

  4. Turkey TV Dinner? That's exactly what I am having, with a side of cranberry sauce. I cooked huge Thanksgiving dinners for 25 people, year after year and it was fun. At 70+ years and living alone, fun has a different definition.