Monday, November 16, 2015


Mr. Braeden started preschool today.

He was scheduled to start last Monday but then the stomach flu hit hard.  I'm still not feeling that great.  So today was his first day.  Momma had to go to work, so Dadda took him in, backpack, water bottle and appropriate snack in hand (in an R2D2 lunchbox that lights up AND makes that robot noise.  Can't wait to see if we hear from the teacher!!)

Although he said he was "newvous" he went in and immediately started interacting with a little fellow who also arrived early.  Jesse said he thinks there are just 2-3 girls in the class of 14.  I get to fetch him at 3:30 and we might just have a "date" at Starbucks to hear all about it.

He looked SO grown up.  He summed up his philosophy by saying I was going to Maui and he was going to school!



  1. Out of the mouths of babes. I'll bet he looked really cute.

  2. Ah-hh, each new thing they start are hard on us. In just a few minutes, his first day of school will arrive and the next thing you know, you are attending his high school graduation!!!

  3. What a big boy! They are so sweet at this age.