Sunday, November 1, 2015


Maybe I am just NOT a daylight savings gal.  My body much prefers this "extra" hour for getting up.  Hawaii doesn't do DST so I especially love living there.  I used to be such a morning person.  After Mr. Ralph retired, I quickly embraced his sleeping in mode.  And staying up til midnight reading or watching.  It is the life.  So many of my older friends set an alarm to get up at 6:00 am or 7:00 am.  And lots just naturally get up that early (or earlier)  UGH!

I feel bad for parents of younger children with this time change.  Especially those who cannot tell time.  We drove out to Kate's job last night for the kids to go trick or treating at the businesses on her street.  It was POURING rain.  Dutiful Dad took them around for an hour (Kate had to work for another hour and Gramma stayed in the car with magazines and online games).   When Kate got off work, SHE wanted to watch them trick or treat.  They changed them out of their WET clothes, put a skeleton suit on our baby lion and Braeden just wore his drench SWAT team hat.

One of her coworkers lives in the area and told her about a nearby neighborhood that closes off their street and has a haunted house.  PLUS the neighboring houses are all decorated and since the rain stopped ... they went trick or treating for another 90 minutes!  I think we have ten pounds of candy!!

We left Kate's car at her store so I drove her back this morning at 9am.  Stopped for coffees and yakked our way over.  As I was heading back for a refill ... my calendar alerted me.

Tomorrow is two and a half years since the death of my buddy.  I just can't believe it.  We were just teaching Braeden about the saying "sweet tooth" and he brought up that "his" Poppa had lots of sweet tooths!

Right he is!

(Last year's costumes ....


  1. Isn't it wonderful that he still remembers "His Poppa"?

  2. That's the best explanation of why some people bring their kids to neighborhoods they don't live in. I never thought about one parent having to work near-by. The boys look so cute in their costumes.

    Two and a half years! It seems longer than that. You've come a long way!