Saturday, November 21, 2015


Oh my gosh.  I have spent the last few days doing not much of anything!  

Just finding things ... maybe I'm too old to have two homes!  It's hard to remember what I have where.  It's HOT here (and overcast) so I've been sorting through things indoors.  Fortunately, I don't have any planned visitors until the end of January so I have time on my side.

The floor in here is ridiculously confusing ... ceramic tile, laminate floor, linoleum and carpet.  I'm going to bite the bullet and put in just ONE type of flooring.  My friends (who stayed here for six months and had the same house further up the street) had all 18" ceramic tile and their home looked twice as big as mine.  But with the arthritis, I think that might be too hard on my joints.  I discovered stick-on vinyl that looks like ceramic tile ... you can even grout it!  Fortunately we have a neighborhood handyman who says he can do it, so I'm going to talk to him tomorrow.  It's a lot of stuff to remove (and heavy furniture to move out of the way) and he will have to level all the rooms.

And .. it's time to renew the great outdoors.  Gary and Leilani have all the plants groomed and growing beyond belief.  We chose turquoise pots so that will be my main color.  The outdoor rugs are ruined from sunshine and most of the cushions are also shot.  I spend a lot of time out there, so it will be worth it.  Thank goodness for Amazon Prime and free shipping!!!

Photos coming up!


  1. Ceramic tiles are too slippery for my taste and age. Vinyl will be safer. What a big project that will be to replace all your flooring. I would not look forward to the process but the end result will be worth it.

    I was worried about you for a while on Saturday. I got Mali and Maui mixed up and thought the attack at the hotel was on your island. LOL

  2. I agree with Jean. The vinyl will be better. I like ceramic tile, but if you have too much, there's an echo. I have that problem in my master bathroom.

    LOL at Jean and her Mali/Maui mixup. I could do something like that.