Thursday, November 12, 2015


I climbed the stairs at the library the other.  On purpose.  Physical therapy is over and everything seems to be working fine.  I can get up or down without using the arms of a chair.  I'm no longer afraid to sit in the middle seat of a sofa.  Life is good!

Now to get packing.  I treated myself with a one way first class ticket (for knee protection) so I get two free checked bags.  I didn't check a bag last time so I'm searching for affordable (disposable?) large bags so I can take a few items back.  A couple of my favorite cookbooks.  Some kitchen doo dads.  Old photos so I can scan and save (never did get around to doing it here).  The flight is nonstop so I'm hoping there will be no trouble.

My room is a MESS ... sort of an organized mess ... but many tax papers, medical summaries and recently purchased back up drive and DVD reader.  Much of it needs to come to Maui as well.

Followed by a couple of important decisions.  Medical insurance in Maui?  Will it cover pre-existing conditions ... if I would get any complications or flare ups? Or should I keep my Oregon insurance as I rarely get sick enough to see a Dr.  Should I file Hawaii taxes?  It will save me $$$$ on property taxes ... will it affect where I vote?  Oh, the questions I have!!


  1. It's complicated living in two places, isn't it. I admire that you are so computer literate and seem to be able to handle all the things that makes it easier to live between to places. I couldn't do it.

    You are wise to get a first class seat. Your surgery is too fast to chance being cramped. I still can't do steps the normal way...well, I can but it takes more work and concentration. I try it once in a while if there are others around to find me if I fall.

    1. I'm not sure I can do this two place living too much longer. It will be easier to stay one place and do short visits to the other.

      As for stairs, I've always used the handrails even before my knees started weakening. I can't believe how much easier it is now. And ... it probably helps build muscles as well.

  2. Please get up and walk a bit on that long flight. You don't want to get a blood clot!!! You're a better woman than I am, Gunga Din! I could never figure all that out, on my own.

  3. I second Judy's suggestion. My brother-in-law just had a blood clot situation after a long drive from Virginia to Florida.

    I thought for a second there that you were going to say you got two free drinks in first class instead of two free checked bags. :) You can see where my mind is.

    I can't wait to hear how your Maui life progresses.