Saturday, August 15, 2015


Has it been DAYS since I blogged?  I think about doing it but I must admit, these little boys just capture my heart.  Lately it has been reading!

On Thursday I took Braeden on a "date".  We went for a cupcake and milk (I had water ... and one leftover bite!) and then to the library.  We have been many times but this time, we found the Military section ... for kids!  I let him check out four books (since he is four!) and one can be a Military book, one a chapter book and the other two his choice.

Enjoying his "birthday cake" cupcake at World Famous Kyra's Bake Shop
3 Time winner of Cupcake Wars!

His favorite thing to do at our library

Mom is reading to him for 20 minutes every night in bed.  We found a chapter book with color illustrations and the author has written about 20.  I read to the little guy in the living room at the same time.  Last night life was running late so she read to both of them.  Rotten Ralph (if you remember that series).  They were both mesmerized.

This morning, Braeden brought the book out to have another read.  He thinks he wants to write and illustrate a "scawy" book.  Great idea ... they have scary books for older kids .... not much with a gentle scare for four year olds.

Love this new hobby!


  1. Having grandchildren is a whole different world, isn't it. A lovely one that seems to make you thrive. Good for you!

  2. It is such an interesting relationship ... I feel like I'm in a science experiment!! Can't wait to see what happens next ....

  3. I have to get Rotten Ralph for my grands.