Monday, August 10, 2015


As you may have surmised, I spend a few hours every day on Facebook.  Keeping in touch with family (YES!  all but one sibling is on).  Checking in on friends and how their families are doing.  Hearing of Kate's friends and who is now expecting!

In addition, I post daily to the Three Rivers Village Facebook page (they do not yet have a website) so I spend time looking for relative articles to post.  Aging in place, growing older AND happier, etc.  Quite a few on making friends in our second adulthood.  Because being social is part of being human!

There are so so many articles on socializing and happiness.  Recently there was one of the "science" of being happier.  Written by a Mayo Clinic doctor!  His recently released Mayo Clinic Handbook for Happiness pulls together easy things to incorporate into a busy life to boost joy and fulfillment.

Lots of us are very happy with our small circle of close friends.  We enjoy social time and value alone time.  Lots of people belong to social groups (Red Hat Society, Yellow Roses, etc). (I have one friend who belongs to 4 or 5 of these!!!) We also are very active with our local adult community center for potlucks, educational talks, classes as well as trips.  My little town here in Oregon has the Newcomers Club, a spin off from Welcome Wagon 50 years ago.  They are now a social and philanthropic group with over 200 active members.  There are over 20 groups within ... wine tasting, bridge, yoga, dinner groups, and more.  I'm going to look into something like this in Maui.  Or "meet ups" where like minded (and like ages, I hope) get together.

And ALL of these social groups ... are on Facebook!!


  1. Mu social group is small, people I've known for quite a while. I guess I prefer it that way, because I have no desire to join any social group and if I did and the ladies all took off their clothes, like in the photo, I'd be out the door in seconds. NO ONE sees me in MY birthday suit!!!

  2. That's why I won't be dating ... NO ONE should have to see me in my old birthday suit!

    But I do like camaraderie in other ventures!

  3. Don't let Judy fool you. Her entire neighborhood is a social group...just not one she always enjoys interacting in. LOL I do envy your and her interaction with people. In her case, I think a lot of that is the closeness of the homes in her park. I can go for days without seeing anyone on my street. With you, you're just a natural at making friends. It's an art I never needed to learn before my husband died.

    1. It's always been easy for me to make friends because, I talk to strangers. LOL and sometimes I end up with friends that are weird. There are days when I see no one also. I walked today and didn't see another person--or I would have stopped and chatted, because, I talk to strangers. Oh--I already said that didn't I? HAH