Thursday, August 20, 2015


Farmer Braeden found the last batch of strawberries growing along our patio sidewalk.  Maybe a dozen luscious little bites.  They were almost TOO ripe but he carefully put a tissue in his little tin and gently plopped them in.  He took them to the bathroom to give them a wash ... and then he shared one with me.

Then he noticed two of his cherry tomatoes were just ripe enough.  After harvesting those, he asked if we needed any basil or rosemary so  I said of course we did!

Yep, T-Rex had to be in the picture as well.  He found two HUGE snails in the basil pot (which Gramma had to remove and dispose of) although T-Rex was willing to eat them.  He thought we needed a scarecrow for future crops ...

I hope they plant a few more vegetables next year!  He has loved every phase from planting to watching them ripen to picking and eating.  I think he has a bit of my Dad in him ...


  1. We all need the little children in our lives. They teach us about the wonder of life, that we have sometimes forgotten.

  2. I am just loving every minute of it. Today he wanted a tea party for lunch ... complete with menus!

  3. Granmother-hood is truly something special. So sweet...the tea party with menus.