Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Weight Watchers is working for me.  S-L-O-W-L-Y.  It's hard to live with this young family with growing boys.  Last night was indeed taco Tuesday at our house.  Thankfully, I had a meeting through their dinner hour then visited a condo friend who was having a really bad day.

By then, only the fabulous aroma remained.  I went to my room with a large glass of water ... and a banana.  My new junk food.

And that's what I'd really like!!  EXTRA FRIES!

Weight loss happens faster if I exercise while taking in fewer calories.  It's noon here so when I'm finished, I'll head to the pool to get in a bit of movement.

I spent all morning setting up appointments in preparation for knee surgery on Sept 17.  Good golly there are lots of meetings!  Pre-op physical.  Pre-op with surgeon.  Meet hospital short stay department.  Meet my "hospitalist".  Finish admissions with nurse practitioner.  Find physical therapist.  

Maybe I'll take a nap instead ....


  1. You'll spend more time on those pre-op meetings then you will in the hospital after surgery!!!

  2. Well that's good news! Although I'm hoping for three nights in hospital, three nights in rehab and then I've rented our guest suite for a week so I won't step on legos or soldiers or ....