Saturday, August 22, 2015


I can't believe how much national politics we have going on right now considering how far away the elections are.  Good golly.  For the first time in my life I watched the second round of Republicans and am enjoying all the Hillary nonsense.  How anyone could even CONSIDER her to be anywhere in our government after all the scandals she's been associated with is beyond me.  My all time favorite photo is her weight Donald's hair!!!

But the main tea party up for discussion is Mr. Braeden.  He wanted to put on a tea party on his Mom's day off.  Sorry I didn't photograph his little printed menus ...

Tiny sandwiches of turkey, cucumber and cream cheese eaten with little picks.  Fruits and veggies, assorted chips and look at that dessert plate!  Even Dad joined in.

I think they had apple juice instead of tea.

I was having a bad knee day and was in my room keeping my crankiness to myself.  They parked outside my bedroom door to take their little afternoon snooze.

I love being a Gramma!



  1. Oh my, little boys sure have different tea parties than little girls. In my family tea parties always involved real tea and pretty cookies. The first gift I bought my niece when she found out she was having a granddaughter is a tin tea set like she and her sister used at my mom's house.

  2. Strange candidates on both sides. Where are the "normal" ones. Either we have Socialistic Democrats or we have Tea Party Republicans. I want Eisenhower and Stevenson back--at least you respected their records and the men themselves.