Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Why is this so hard?

You'd think by this time in my life, I'd be more comfortable not encouraging friendships that I don't really want.  But it is still hard.  I don't feel good telling someone WHY I don't want their friendship so I just keep saying no and hoping they eventually get the hint.

One of my biggest pet peeves are people who only see the glass half full, on it's way to empty.  Next are mean people.  Followed closely by people who want the the "title" of Board member or Committee Chair or Chief of Everything ... but do not lift one finger to DO anything.  Don't answer email.  Or phone calls.  Or texts.  Don't read what we print for them.   Yet demand respect of position.  UGH!  Get down in the trenches, folks ... don't shout from above!

A blogger friend posted recently about needing to change her personality!  She's seventy-something for goodness sake!  She is fun and funny and kind and caring just as she is.  Not me!  I am what I am.

A friend lent me an article from Sunday's NY Times entitled "I'm Too Old for This."   Dominque Browning, fun First Person author, has decided to make this her mantra.  After reading her article, so am I.  Any of us are open to listening to positive criticism on small things we might change.  But only from close and caring people in our lives.  But toxic sour spoiled people?  I do not have time for that.

Friendships have ebbs and tides.  Friends that no longer energize you get moved to the outer circle. new friends with new vibes?!  Why not.

Because I'm just too old for this!


  1. It's been fascinating watching from a distance the way you seem to make friends so quickly. Dinner parties with people you just met, for example, is so foreign to me. And I'm guessing you use the label a lot more freely than I do. I don't called glass-half-empty or mean people friends either, never had time for downer people. In the end, we all figure out what makes us happy. Too bad we don't learn it earlier in life.

  2. I've given up the trying to change. It just ain't happening! I tried really hard and it lasted--for about half a day. I'm just too old for this!!