Sunday, May 3, 2015


My baby sister and her Jonathan left Maui on Saturday night.  They squeezed in seeing a LOT of the island while they were here.  Again.  I think they have visited ten times!  And they always make it a vacation for ME!

They are morning people yet don't impose that on me.  So they go for a walk and text me when I wake up (7-7:30) to meet them for coffee.  Two mornings they went SCUBA diving and had to be at the boat ramp at 6:00 am!  They are from East Coast time so mornings are a little bit better ... but they stayed up later than me as well!!!  So much energy.

We didn't even play games or do a puzzle this time!  Lots of auto touring and Janet did the driving all week.  AND filled up the tank several times.  When we weren't discovering new (to us) restaurants sharing an appetizer (or two), a salad and an entree and usually a dessert, she was whipping up the tastiest healthy meals at home.  I get all of my good cooking ideas from them.  He's the grill master.  He either grilled the fish or the veggies or both.

It's really impossible to thank them enough.  I used to keep track of my share of expenses then send her a check ... but she sneaked into my room and left them uncashed on this visit.

Lucky for me!  Now I have my airfare covered to spend a few days with them in NEW YORK CITY!!!  So exciting!  Trying to get these old knees in shape ... and I may get a cortisone shot before I go!

I love you Janet and Jonathan!


  1. NYC is definitely a walking town even when you take cabs and subways. It's much easier to get around if you have strong legs. There's so much to see. It's a fun place.

    It's nice that you're close to your sister. I'd love to have someone cook healthy meals for me once in awhile. I reall need it after this weekend with the kids, I always eat too much when they visit.

  2. They sound like the perfect house guests! Wish they'd come visit me. It would be like vacationing at home to have them around. You are, indeed, lucky to be close to your sister.

  3. Nothing like having a sister that you love and she loves you back. We are lucky in that sense! I have never been to NYC--I've been to Boston several times and that is enough big city noise, traffic, touring and walking for me for my entire life, LOL