Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Friends.  I am lucky to have people I can call my friends.  And I am very lucky to have so many friendly people in my life.

I'd been thinking that I probably wouldn't host any more of the large parties like we did in the past.  As the hostess, I don't get to mix and mingle as much as I like.  Honestly, it is fun for me to watch my friends make new friends from among my friends!  Saturday night I hosted a Birthday Bubbly Bash (desserts and sparkly drinks) and invited all of my Maui friends who are on Facebook with me.  We had about 15 of us.

The only thing they had in common was me!  I asked each to tell how they met me (but not the detail like we had the night before!).  Neighbors.  Fellow widows.  Funeral Director.  Hospice nurse.  Ladies I met on the beach.  Actress.  Friends I met while they did work at my house. As well as friends visiting friends on the island.

I guess I won't sell the giant outdoor table with chairs just yet.  Even though NO ONE ever sits around the table!  We drag all the chairs into a big circle and step all over each other.  Somehow it works.

Lucky me.  I get to have all kinds of friends!!


  1. You are a friend magnet. I think Maui must be a good place to be one, too, because most everyone there is a transplants without as many family obligations as people who have lived in the same place all their lives. You made the right choice to stay there!

  2. Such fun! Wish I were part of that group. I think you need a farm girl to talk about childhood on a farm.