Friday, May 8, 2015


I just read a GREAT blog on Time Goes By. (Even though she is mad at me and called me a "mean girl" on her blog, I still read and sometimes comment.  I try not to take things too personally.  She's ten years older than me and she remembers an incident totally opposite of me).

Today the blog was about changes in our five senses as we age!  Boy can I relate!  Some have not quite hit me too hard in that I'm 63 and not 83 or 93.  I do hope I am still kicking at those ages and I will update this blog!

Did you know that as we age our fingerprints wear off?  I sure didn't!  Maybe we can all become pick pockets since we won't leave any clues!!  I do notice my fingers (and hands) are drier that they used to be.  A suggestion from one of Ronni's commenters suggests keeping a little container of Sticky Finger near you at all time.  Good idea!

My eyes are getting cataracts (I think one will be fixed this summer) and I occasionally get floaters.  So far not a big deal.  Now I notice my eyes are drier as well ... maybe it's the tradewinds in Maui or the VOG in the air.  Whatever, it is a little annoying.

And I already have hearing aids, which I love!  My thinking is that if you get them just as your hearing is deteriorating, they are easier to get used to.  Mr. Ralph waited until he was 73 and then it was too hard to get used to the background noises.  I don't wear them all the time, especially when I'm at home communicating via laptop but they are indispensable at meetings!  I can now hear people even if I am sitting two rows behind them.

Yes, it does seem I bump into things more and I bruise easily, so there are always bruises on my forearms (from keeping the door from slamming).  One of her followers says he calls the bruises Senior Tattoos!

We really do have to have a sense of humor about this process.  Mr. Ralph always complained he was like an old used car ... first the windshield wipers go (no big expense), then the brakes (costly but still doable).  Just one nuisance at a time.


  1. Our parts do wear out right on queue, don't they.

    1. Ugh. Too soon in my opinion. The day right after the warranty.

  2. Like I told my doctor--"You can't fix the problems. It's just maintenance." Now that I am on a blood thinner, I have Senior Tatoos on a couple of places on my arms. Hate it!

    1. What is so irritating (for you) is what a super check up you had ... and now all of this blood pressure stuff! YUCK!