Monday, June 23, 2014


New hobby.  I've begun to volunteer with Three Rivers Village.  

The "village" concept of community has recently been more in the news these days.   Groups of residents in a geographic area are forming non-profit organizations to complement services provided by county or churches for the elderly.

One of the big issues for seniors is isolation.  Especially if you have had to give up driving.  There are agencies that provide some public needs ... trips to medical appointments or grocery shopping assistance.  My local Adult Community Center does these for anyone who wants to, regardless of income or net worth.  Some people donate, some do not.

My ACC is in a very affluent zip code and so is very well funded with both public and private monies.  Contiguous to us is a more rural and less well-to-do city, with less services.  Three Rivers Village is hoping to combine and share resources.

Some of our goals besides reducing isolation and not duplicating services, is to increase intergenerational activities and socials, provide a purpose and meaning to residents (by volunteering as well as participating) as well as find solutions for the middle and lower income population.

So much for me to learn.  It takes a Village to age well!


  1. Wow. Important and motivational. Thanks for sharing, not just this post, but beautiful heart and willingness to take action in vital ways. Love and miss you!

  2. I volunteer with elders AND youngsters. Paying it forward for Ralph's mom. She was able to live in her own home because she had a "village" of friends who would do her grocery shopping, take her to church, bring her to bridge, etc. He was an only child and lived in Oregon while Hazel was in Vincennes, Indiana. LOVE being part of my community!!!

  3. Wow, I wonder if they have anything like that around here. What a great concept. I can see the Village enriching your life as you get deeper and deeper into it.