Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Today I got up at 3:30 am to take some (new) friends who live at the condo complex to the airport.

Trying to arrange a cab to get you to a place at a specific time is almost impossible since our local city-wide cab company was purchased by Radio Cab.  Our three local cabs were an amazing service to our 36,000 population community.  

The cab ALWAYS arrived 10 minutes before you asked it to be there.  Mr. Ralph traveled a lot so I never even had to give them our address ... just his name.  If I went with him, they always knew it was some place special, vacation or not.  We grew up together with stories of our kids and neighbors and local politics and sports and whatever.  They ALWAYS asked which way we wanted to go to the airport ... and they had the latest traffic in case we need persuasion to take the outer belt.

I remember watching them help little old ladies with their groceries and later learned they turned off their meters to charge them a simple flat rate.

Reminiscing about the Lake Oswego Cab Company (while on my four hours of sleep) reinforces my decision to help build the Three Rivers Village.  Friends helping friends.

P.S.  Gail and Gary even had a steaming hot cup of coffee TO GO for me!


  1. That is so great that you are building friendships!

  2. JB, you are a builder. Maybe not of skyscrapers, or houses, but of COMMUNITY, which is even more important. Love to you!

    1. Friends helping friends. My idea of community! Just like we do in Maui!!! Airport rides, plant watering, dog sitting, etc. That's how we should be doing most things ... not depending on the government!