Tuesday, June 17, 2014



Yesterday Portland had rain, wind, cold and hail.  Lots of large hailstones.  I think the high for the day was 55.  And my pitiful in-wall heater decided to quit.

I called the heating and a/c company we used to use for the house ... but they don't do Cadet heaters.  I emailed a few neighbors but they are not quite as addicted to the cyber world as I am, so I didn't hear from them until this morning.

In the meantime, as I was talking to another neighbor on the phone today, she suggested hitting the reset button.  VOILA!  That did it.  So I can definitely procrastinate on that.

But last night ....

was pretty darned wonderful.  Me, myself and I.

Thursday is predicted to be 79 degrees.  Let's hope the a/c works!!!  Or, at the very least, has a re-set button.


  1. Ah, how sweet it is. Heat when we need it, and cool when we need it. Let's hear it for the reset button. Right now my neck of the woods is sizzling. A/C I love you!!

    1. Where is your neck of the woods? I AM so grateful that I have warm and cool when I need it!!

  2. This has been the strangest summer here in West Michigan! I wearing long sleeves in the middle of June half the time and have my air conditioner on the other half.

    Reset buttons need to be bigger and up front. They get us every time.

    1. It's been very different here in Portland area as well. Today it's 79!

      I agree about reset buttons!!! And a neon glow to them.