Sunday, June 22, 2014


Whew!  Now that was a busy few days.  Culminating with the best condo gathering to date!  The weather cooperated (although a bit cool for some), my little family joined in so little people and grandpeople had some fun interacting, and if we saw some some residents strolling by, we went out and brought them in!  It was fun!  Three couples had just purchased and moved in during the month of June.

I'm hoping we don't become known as the Adult Alcoholic Condo Community! Saturday another neighbor is hosting a coffee and donut party in our Fireside Room.  Getting to know each other is vital to have a "community."  Sometimes you just need a little help from your friends.  Whether a ride to the airport or someone to water your plants while you are away.  Lots of tasks that are just too small to call your children or handyperson.  But a neighborly hand can make all the difference.

Sharing conversation and opinions and ideas with others, with whom I only have my living arrangement in common, has been a nice boost.  Intelligent and funny people are all around me.  A few curmudgeons as well, but it turns out they are not party people!!!


  1. You are finding exactly what I want in a community! I'm jealous! Are the condos semi-stand-alone or stacks like apartments? The condo communities here are mostly stand-alone houses, making them just like regular communities. Very few even have a community center.

  2. Condos are 8 per building and we have 14 buildings. Established in 1990 so we have mature trees (and too many as we have had to have quite a few removed for breaking sidewalks and being too close to foundations) Four blocks to the main downtown area. We have pool, hot tube, small Fireside Room (gas fireplace, two large round tables with four comfy chairs, a small seating group and a sofa/2chair arrangement in front of fireplace.) The Riverside Room has huge TV, semi circle huge sofa, 6-8 tables and chairs ... and LOTS of tables and chairs in the storage closet for big parties ... up to 125) and covered patio about the same size with 6 conversation seatings. Also a room off of the Fireside room for a mini library and a place to work on puzzles.

    IF you have a real interest .. email me! 3 bedroom/2 bath and a carport for about $240,000

  3. I absolutely love that quote at the end. I hope you don't mind if I use it sometime in the future when I have an appropriate post to use it with.

    We are thinking of selling our house. We're looking for a neighborhood that offers some social life with people around our age and low/no maintenance. Our neighbors are nice, but our neighborhood is filled with mostly young people with young families. And we have way more maintenance than we want or will be capable of handling eventually. Community is important at all stages of life, but I find it to be even more so at this stage.

    1. Gotta have a funny bone, for sure!!! Yes, I found it on the internet and feel free to borrow any of my words or pics. I love our little blogging group!

      Look into Villages in your area. Because I agree about wanting/needing community as we muddle through this stage of life!