Thursday, June 19, 2014


The Full Moon party was such fun and almost every single person said "I wish we did more of these."  And it was such a tiny bit of work on my part.  About 20 people joined in for chatty conversation and some delicious finger foods.  An alumni who just moved away attended.  I met five people whom I didn't know in person before.

It was mostly single ladies although two married couples came (at different times) but the guys didn't stay long.  Hard to compete with World Cup!

Of course Saturday just happens to be another good reason!  The longest day of the year!  

Portland is finally having a bit of summer weather (supposed to be high seventies on Saturday).  Our condo complex has a huge under cover patio area with lots of cute, summery tables and chairs strewn about.  Very near to the pool if we want to go back and forth.  (I just checked the World Cup games and Saturday seems to be smaller countries, so maybe less interest).

I'll bring some candles and battery powered twinkle lights, and a snack of course.  Even a bag of Chicago Mix popcorn from Costco was a big hit!  I also made mushroom pate with rice crackers, and roasted some walnut halves and almonds.  We had fruit plates and veggie plates.  Warm bite size hot dogs in a crockpot, chips and dip.  Homemade cookies for dessert!  Simple pleasures.

I'm working my way up to host 6-7 friends for dinner.  Over the past few years I have collected special Oregon pinot noir glasses so I need to show them off.  Pinot is not MY favorite although I do have one I really like (Thanks All the Rumors are True blogger!).  I'm thinking a Personal Pinot Party where each couple brings a bottle of their favorite pinot noir.  I may also have each couple bring a food course ... appetizer, soup or salad, I'll do the main entree and dessert.  

Setting the table is my favorite hobby despite downsizing fives sets of dishes!  Maybe I will even use my Mom's china!  And polish the silverware!!  Make this an enchanted evening.

What has gotten into me?

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  1. You sound so much like a oldest friend in the world with your enthusiasm for hosting parties. Are you such your name isn't Nancy? Last I heard she had 10 complete sets of dishes and a room full of serving dishes to mix and match. I wish you both lived close by, I'd love to be a guest at your parties. Such fun you created for your friends!