Tuesday, October 13, 2015


My youngest grandson is 18 months old.  With this child, my daughter discovered baby wearing.  And it's been a great thing!

Deacon is a very high maintenance baby.  The only way she could go anywhere or get anything done, was by wearing him.  Sometimes in the front and sometimes in the back.  He (and so does she!) loves feeling the body of the other person.  Guess what?  These baby carriers are NOT like what I remember!

She first started with a shirt that had a cocoon inside for him.  Easy to nurse him when he was inside.  Then she moved to Moby ... a giant piece of fabric that was folded and tucked into itself.  Next she gave ring slings a try.  She has finally settled on Tula.  This is such an interesting phenomenon ... the carriers are very expensive and there is a whole group of mommies who meet up and talk on Facebook!  They lend each other carriers so a new Mom can be sure she gets what works best for her.  And they also buy and sell used ones.  Apparently some are so in demand that she sold one for MORE than she paid for it.

This morning this is what we saw ....

Deacon carrying his "baby duck" ....

This is just one example of why I don't think I'd choose a 55+ neighborhood situation.  We need an intergenerational mix of personality, products, eating styles and more.


  1. All the mothers in my family---and there are a lot right now--wear their babies. It's such a great bonding thing.

    Deacon with his duck is so telling and cute!

    1. It is great bonding. And otherwise, she would never get anything done! He loves it.

  2. It's good for us to be around the younger and the very young. No baby carriers when my kids were babies. I just lugged them around all the time. They clung to me like little monkeys!!

    1. It's so much easier now .... hands free snuggling!