Saturday, October 10, 2015


Well.  That was a total loss of a week!  What an icky virus.

Friday morning I moved back to the condo filled with family.  It's going great and I slept NINE HOURS straight!  Gosh I love my bed.  It's just a fold out twin but with the 3 inch memory foam topper, it is comfort galore.  Mr. B slept there while I was away and apparently it agreed with him also.  I have a feeling that will be his room when I am in Maui.

This morning was delightful as I had the two wee ones all to myself for a couple of hours.  Mom was at work and Dad was enjoying a bit of time off watching a grown up movie in the bedroom.  Now he is walking them up to the Farmer's Market (last of the season, I think) in the rain!  Braeden is so excited because now that he is almost five, he has his own umbrella!

It's about 70 degrees with a medium rain falling and grey, grey, grey.  Thankfully I got the dog walked just as it started!  YES!  I can walk (slowly) with a 65 lb dog!  The knee is doing just great.  I missed two therapy appointments last week and I sure hope that didn't permanently damage me.

I think I've talked my family into having Thanksgiving a week early so I can head to Maui.  Jesse has two brothers, his Mom and several Grandmothers, aunts and uncles so they will always have someplace to go.  I hope we get to Facetime (or Skype) once a week on the computer (easier to pay attention to a big screen than a telephone).  I'd like to read them and I will send them a copy of whatever book if it is not at their library.

That's it from the missing Awkward Widow!


  1. Walking a dog that big so soon after surgery? Wow, you ARE doing great! Glad the flu in behind you. It's good to know that chair/bed is comfortable. I have away my spare regular size bed and will buy a chair/bed after I move. memory foam makes everything better, I think.

  2. Thankfully, old Bosko is very gentle and doesn't pull.