Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Just four more weeks before I return to my Maui island!  

Honestly, these six months have just flown!  I have not accomplished very much of what I thought I might ... oh well.  It is what it is!

My friends have enjoyed their stay despite this being the HOTTEST period they have ever had while in Maui.  Heat index of 102!  September and October ARE the most miserable months in Maui but apparently this year takes the award.

Gary and Leilani have improved both my indoors and my outdoors.  They are great friends and they have made my home their home.  I hope they are leaving behind all their purchases until I see if any work for my lifestyle.  Rugs, sleeping bag, outdoor lounge chair that folds flat, dresser and night stands (white rattan) and more.  I'm kinda hoping she leaves behind some clothes and flowers for my hair as well!!!

They have planted and divided (and replanted), power washed the whole neighborhood, (including BUYING the power washer for me!), cleaned out the entire utility side of the house (read JUNK yard), sold some items on CraigsList for me, bought beautiful outdoor pots for my new (and thriving) bougainvillea and so much more.

It will feel like I am going on a vacation.  To my own house!


  1. Wow, they ARE good friends if you trust them to do all that for you, and that your tastes are similar enough that you'll love what they've done. I suppose it's common for people who live on the Islands to have extended company like that. My folks had a cottage and after a few bad experience with people they thought they knew, they never loaned or rented it out again.

  2. They are very very good friends! But not everyone I have loaned my home to DID take good care. Fortunately, I will live there and my kids will live in the condo. No more chances for me!

  3. I once stayed at step-mother's cottage in the north. She had something about wanting to plant Daffodils at the base of the Birch trees and on the east side of the cottage. I was there in October and did some plantings, where she had said she wanted them. She was not happy when spring arrived and up popped the flowers. It's nice that your friends feel comfortable enough to fix up and divide plants and that sort of thing.

    1. Oh! We did Facetime and we always talked before anything changed. They went shopping for pots and would text me photos and I could choose. Gary gets a military discount at Lowe's and Home Depot so he save me bunches of money. Cleaned the air filters (twice). Put in all LED lights. He would make suggestions of plants and then let me choose. It was a DELIGHT! I wish the three of us could spend some time together there ... I love cooking, he's handy as a pocket and she is a dream photographer.

    2. Sounds like a win-win all around.