Saturday, October 24, 2015


It's a little sad this morning after hearing about the hurricane that hit Mexico.  Kate's manager and friend were supposed to leave this morning for two weeks in Puerto Vallarta.  They had been planning and scheming and saving for two years ... and it was cancelled due to Patricia.  They have lots of pets and had arranged with many friends to have them all cared for.  Bummer.  Unfortunately, my Maui house is occupied or I would have loaned it ..

Maui has had wetter and hotter than typical summers so I am curious about El Nino and what he will bring.  For Maui, it supposedly means a bit wetter than usual.  Which it has been.  And now it will continue through our winter.  Looks like a wet but mild winter for Oregon.  Sorry about the rest of you with likelihood of SNOW!

But even if it rains in Maui, it is warm and comfortable.  I look forward to having the low at night be in the 60's instead of the 70's.  Much better for sleeping.  Our island has two volcanoes so if the weather is too hot where I live, I can drive 40 minutes and be in Upcountry, about halfway up Haleakala ... where they do have heat and fireplaces!  Mr. Ralph had wanted to live there.  It's lush and green and where most of our tender produce grows.  But I wanted to move to Maui to enjoy the sunshine.  And I knew it would take a bit of effort to get him down to the ocean.  So glad he compromised with me.  It's just perfect in Kihei.

My tenants say they have noticed a change in the "feeling" of Maui.  Not as friendly towards the haoles (non native Hawaiians) and often mean spirited.  Many Hawaiians can no longer afford to buy homes on their island ... because the tourists and snowbirds have driven up the prices.  Most businesses offer Hawaiian residents a Kama'aina discount to help keep things affordable.  But I, too, get this deal because I live there.

It's a tough situation.  I feel lucky I get to live there and I feel a little bad about being part of the problem.


  1. El Nino is a dirty word (or is it dirty words) around here as it is suppose to bring us a LOT of snow this year, as if we didn't get enough the two previous years. If it gets any worse I'm moving to Maui with you. LOL

    1. Come on over! Living small and loving every minute of it! And it DOES snow about once a year ... on top of our 10,000 ft mountain!