Friday, February 12, 2016


This is the best vacation I've ever had!  Lindee is one of those people who is always doing something.  Which is very beneficial when she is here on "vacation."  She does not know what that word means.  VACATION.

Both refrigerators are full of healthy food and perfectly organized.  She packed their special morning gruel ingredients in their luggage, of which I am a daily recipient ... steel ground oats with Bob's Red Mill muesli.  Accompanied with toasted walnuts and pecans ... and fresh fruit.  The rubbermaid collection is once again organized.  And there is a fresh flower on the window sill in the kitchen.

She cleaned their bathroom before the cleaning crew came.  The garage continues to morph into easily accessible work zones.  Now that the garage door is working again, it will be even easier to work in there.  This morning they used Oxiclean and hot water and got up the puppy spots leftover from Honeysuckle...despite me using Resolved TWICE, those two spots continue to return.  If this works, I am going to be on a commercial for them.

The dishes are always in the dishwasher the minute my utensil is set down.  Lindee dries the dishes after the dishwasher is finished unlike me, who waits 24 hours for them to air dry ....  

She makes their bed every day ... I have been in the habit of just leaving my third of the bed ready for the next night since I rarely go in there except for sleeping.  I'm getting a new mini-office built in next month so if I go in there more often, I'll probably make my bed.   The illusion of serene!

Fortunately, we all share the same slow morning routine.  Coffee and computers.  Breakfast ... and then we do our own thing.  We are all going out for dinner on Saturday night while John's daughter and boyfriend are here for the Valentine Weekend.  It is also Whale Day complete with parade and live music and craft vendors and whale races.  They also will go to the Saturday "swap meet" filled with produce and crafts and jewelry and whatever ... which is how John and Lindee met Bob and Paula who introduced them to us.

Small island!


  1. It sure does sound great to have such giving people for house guests.

    1. My life is so wonderful with great friends!

  2. I would love for someone to organize my house and clean my spots. How nice! Enjoy!