Monday, February 22, 2016


Last days for Lindee and John.  Not me.  They depart on Tuesday evening ....

I really do love living in this tropical climate filled with sunshine.  There's just no way to be in a bad mood because I sure can't blame it on the weather!  It's not perfectly sunny every day, but it's the perfect temperature for me (except Aug/Sept/Oct when it is pretty hot) all year long.  And now that I make my own electricity, I enjoy a perfect 76 during the day ... and 70 at night!
(Lindee's Maui fleece blankie)

We've had lots of fun but I wonder if Lindee will want to stay here again.  I keep the house too cold for her and I am not an energizer bunny.  My busyness is on the computer or the phone.  And I am very content with my alone time.  Facebook has also been a great social tool for me ... as well as a promotion for Three Rivers Village when I was part of that.  I keep trying to get Na Hoaloha to post daily because the more you post, the higher up in Google search you get.

Last night Lindee and John cleaned and organized my garage and the side yard!  I must say I do have a lot more space without tossing out anything!  And it is so much easier to access things that I use, with the guest items higher up.  Although they will still have to expect a few phone calls when I need to find something!!

Tonight I finally get to make dinner for them.  In light of National Margarita Day, we are having chicken taco salad with guacamole from the largest avocado ever ... just to try the variety.



  1. Sweet!!
    I can't see how an indoor temp of 76 would feel cold to anyone. But then, I live in Michigan and 76 is way too hot for me!!! LOL

    1. She's a skinny tiny little thing. And it's relative to the outside ... but I need the cool so she has to bundle up. I think next time she will bring sweat pants!!!

  2. 76 is cold to someone? I'd kill to be that warm right now and I have on three layers of clothes.

    It takes a certain kind of person to enjoy extended company like you get on the Island. I'm not sure I could do it.

    1. I'm lucky enough to be VERY selective! Everyone so far has met the cut. It has been fun, fun, fun!